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Catchers Blocking The Plate

While I'm very sorry for Buster Posey and I respect him alot, I don't see how he isn't partly to blame for his injury. I never understood why catcher's were allowed/expected to interfer with the base runner's path. No other position players are allowed to impede their progress. It should be outlawed. If only in the interest of sportsmanship. Safety is the cherry.. A tag should be the only human to human contact in the game. Blocking the plate is assanine.
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While time will tell if these were two evenly matched units finding their way in the spring of BCS football, I have to congratulate OSU for a temendous effort. I'm not sure if SC is that good. But, if they are. OSU put on an equally admirable effort. If it wasn't for the obonoxity (Yes I just made up that word) of the OSU fans at the bar I watched the game at (plenty of people agreed that you are delusionally obnoxious), I would have alot of respect for how you competed. You could have won the game. Maybe because we played a puppy at QB and gave you an undesrved chance or maybe because we're good and you are also, I have more respect for your prgram than I have since you crapped yorself aginst UF. Your D-line was amazing. You out coached us. You found the flaws in our (Safety bitting) secondary. You stone walled our supposed 6 deep O-line. You played us evenly. Now either we suck or you are way better than advertised. We both lost our "premium talent" from last year, but I think we both played better team D. Don't hang your heads. You earned more in defeat than you did in past victories. Time will tell if this was two Goliaths or two scrubs battling it out. I'm not sure if we are mediocre or if this was the title game. But, I can't believe how harad and smart you played.
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For all of you who know that the gator growl is the noise they make when they assume the position: A revealing quote by Safety Ahmad Black. "We've got the pre-season game out of the way". No kidding. Even you know your non-con schedule is a complete joke. I'm so sick of these guys getting an opportunity to play for BCS Championship over better teams because their schedule is a joke. The SEC is good but it is only good in the West. If the East was it's own conference it would be second tier. Their cheer shouldn't be GO GATORS. It should be SO GAY-tors.

Another great quote of the week was provided by FSU frosh Greg Reid. He said "I could have DID alot better". Maybe those professional test takers were more necessary than we thought.
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Avatar Censors

Is a poster for the musical JS Superstar a religous symbol under their rules? They seem to think so.
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Draft Grades

Atlanta - A
J. Crawford for 2 backups - A
J.Teague at 19 - A
Gladyr - No idea
They can cut ties with Bibby and get a future PG and a combo guard who can score.

Boston - F
Traded away pick 1.
L.Hudson - Let a post on message board con them into this pick

Charlotte - C-
Henderson - D. Sad when you're not the best Gerald Henderson to play the game.
Brown - B
Sad when pick 2 will be better than pick 1

Chicago - C
Johnson - C
Gibson - C
Traded 46. Guys are OK but where will they play?

Cleveland - C-
Eyenga - F (Blair was there)
Green - C
Traded last pick (Dozier) who will be better than 2 they did pick. Passed on many better players. Got Shaq. But, Pavlovic can play and Wallace was OK at one point. Think they will go the way of the Suns.

Denver - B
Lawson - B+.
Get a non 5"5" spark plug and sub for Billups even though had no rd 1 pick. Traded second round nobody. May have wanted to keep pick that became Mills.

Detroit - D
Austin Daye - C. Too high.
Summers - C-. Too high. better players available.
Jeberko - C-. Too High
No stars. Traded away best pick (Budinger).

Golden State - B-
Curry - A (especially since they dumped JC).
Got robbed on JC for Law and Speedy. Traded 37.

Houston - C
Jermaine Taylor - B (a little high)
Llull - C
Got McInjury's insurance plan. Got a bigger back-up PG. No one took them up on trade for McInjury.

Indiana - C
Hansborough - B
Price - C (too high)
Got another white guy. Probably best available. Is Love that much better?

Griffin - A.
Luck of the draw. Get next Brand. Traded away pick 33.

Elonu - D.
Only got 3m for pick 1. Sold Beverly. Got a 12th man. Needed a PG.

Memphis - D
Thabeet - B-. Is he Mutumbo or Okefor?
Carroll - C (too high)
Young - B- (Blair is better).
Thabeet can't be worse than Swift, right? Other guys are back of the bench. Q sucks.

Miami - C
Beverly - C
Dozier - A (for value)
Traded 47. Ok for what they started with.

Milwaukee - C (for that ridiculous trade)
Jennings - B (could be a A or D player)
Meeks - A (for value)
Traded away RJ for scrubs.

Minnesota - F-
Rubio - D (an out of contol, no shot, no D white chocolate clone).
Flynn - C (too high. Couldn't lead 'Cuse).
Ellington - B- (no M.Miller or Foye)
Calathes - D (in Greece. No NCAA tourney's)
Norel - C
Traded 18 and 35. Traded Foye and Miller. Replaced with Flynn and Ellington. Already had Jaric. Way to retool in worst draft ever!

New Orleans - D
Collison - D (worse than Farmer)
A bad back up in a PG laden draft.

New Jersey - F
Williams - C (he's no RJ. Then again I thought he sucked at AU too).
Traded VC and 40. Got 2 players they will cut and C.Lee. C.Lee and Yi for RJ and VC in 2 years. Classic Nets.

New York - B-
Hill - C (The next Sweetney? The next John Thomas? The next John Wallace? The next Jerrod Mustaf?)
T. Douglas - A (for what they gave up)
Already had Harrington and Lee. Hill is a sub picked at 8. Picking up Darko for beans could be good move. Q sucks. Glad to be rid of him.

Harden - C (Is he OJ Mayo or Randy Foye?)
Mullens - C (American Koufus)
Vaden - C
Gave up 25 and 26. Went with risky pick at a position they had a need at. Good move?

Orlando - A
Traded for an all star, taller, last shot taker. Sold high on Lee. Have Petrus anyway. Now can let Hedu go and sign Gortat. Unbelieveable. even if VC only plays in playoffs. This an Cleveland's horrible moves make them the #1 seed. Ryan Anderson is not bad.

Philadelphia - C+
Holiday - B (good value).
Traded 45. Didn't do much.

Phoenix - D
Clark - C (got hosed with slot)
Griffin - F (do they want every less talented younger bro?)
Preldzic -D

Portland - D
Pendergraph - D
Cunningham - D
Brockman - D
Mills - A (Value)
Traded rodriguez and drafted 4 3rd level back ups. Traded up to nab them. good to see old Portland is back.

Sacramento - B
Evans - A. Great combo guard. And the fact that they passed on Rubio was inspired.
Casspi - C
Traded 31. I thought they needed bodies. Glad for them the didn't do a Minny and get them here. More points for patience.

San Antonio - A
Balir - A (for value)
McClinton - A (for value)
De Colo - C
They are the Pats of the NBA. Stole RJ. Got replacement for Oberto. Got a back up for Parker. No.1 seed in West.

Toronto - B
DeRozan - A (perfect fit)
Traded 39. Nix will wish they took DeRozan

Utah - B-
Maynor - B-
Suton - B (Value)
Better sign those bigs. Did they really need a back up PG?

Washington - B
Got out of this shit storm Got Foye and Miller.

I would like to add that Buzzmaster was a wet blanket. I had about a billion funny comments that weren't posted. Like when I asked Eyanga - Clack Clack Cluck Clank.

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ESPN Radio

Who was that man-voiced imbecile abusing the English language this morning? I know sports reporters are dumb but this chick simply does not know what words mean. Someone get her a dictionary. Her ability to analyze and form compelling arguments is also weak. I really can't believe that so many people in this world were actually thought of as the most qualified person for the job by someone. It's like they pick them out of a hat.
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Grow Up Glavine

Has anyone heard this thrower of whiffle balls complain that the Braves didn't treat him right? This is what happens when you can't play. You give another guy an opportunity. You don't want to lose your spot? Stay in the game. BTW you've sucked since the 90's. You've been one of the most overrated pitchers of your generation. If you actually had to throw strikes you would have had an ERA of 10. No one ever got a bigger strike zone. You jerked the Braves around all year. You wouldn't play until you wanted to. It would have cost them 1 mill to watch you struggle for 4 games before they cut you or you feigned another injury. You are old. Go take your "heat" and pitch batting practice. Maybe you can body double for Eric Forman.
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Boston White Sox

Someone should suggest a name switch. When Poopi sits this teams darkest brother is Ellsbury. Funny how this always happens in a liberal bastion like Beantown. What a confused city.
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